Top 10 Smoothies

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slimming juice recipes free ebook

With 101 recipes including targeted juices for specific health benefits and a detailed listing of the vitamin and mineral content of various fruit and vegetables this is the easiest way to a healthier jucing you!... [more]

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Top 10 Fruit Juices

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walk your way to a thinner you!

If you're too tired or busy to stick to a strenuous, complicated exercise regime but you're still looking to lose a few extra kilos, then the following walking plan is just what you've been looking for. How many times have you started a strenuous workout schedule only to find you are exhaused by the third day? A common belief... [more]

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Top 10 Vegetable Juices

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increase your daily vitamin intake!

Juicing is a fantastic way to dramatically increase your vitamin intake naturally! When you consume a fresh juice you are getting more vitamins than if you were to eat a normal portion of fruit or vegetables because... [more]

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